Sharp eye

I take the pictures by myself, by leaving my camera on something with a timer on - usually when there’s not really anyone around - because taking the photos is more weird than being out in socks. I don’t go around everywhere in socks, just when I feel its fine , or get away with it somewhere that seems natural enough to do it…. ie… a hot day, somewhere outdoors, or as if I’ve just been out for exercise.

Often I find it’s not the place that’s the problem, it’s just how comfortable I feel doing it at the time. You just need to observe the locals to know what you can get away with and where. I don’t ever want to be offensive or be treated as weird for it, so I try to be respectful and polite always - because it’s only enjoyable that way. Sometimes it’s nice to take a risk and go somewhere with lots of people just to challenge myself though. :D

One day if I meet (in person) another person who likes doing the same it’d be easier to get some photos in more public places, which would be fun, but I usually like going alone as it’s sort of relaxing and like ‘meditation’ lol. And as far as introducing ‘my concept’ goes, well, I don’t. I just ‘do’. I guess if anyone said anything, I just acted as if it’s normal. If i’m fine with it, then it seems that everyone else is too! :D No one has treated me as weird, because I haven’t conveyed it as weird ;P

He deserved it *spoilers*

Hi all,

The main guy was one of the most unlikeable, menacing , sleazy, annoying characters I have seen recently.

Right from the start, he had a very creepy smile. He went to the cancer meetings to prey on vulnerable victims.
As soon as he mentioned his cigarette philosophy thing , we all knew he was going to be irritating. He thought he was smarter than everyone. Why not put a gun or grenade in your mouth, his philosophy would still have worked.
The way he taunted the air hostess with his cigarette was very distasteful, and how he strolled around thinking he was boss.

He forced the main girl to go up and down his stairs late at night, pick up his mess, take very long walks, even though he knew she was unwell. He didn’t even offer her a glass of water. He was smashing things late in the evening which would have caused a lot of noise for the neighbours and parents. Very unsocial behaviour.

He brain washed his ill friend to do evil deeds for him. For example, egging the car. Not only that, he threatened to kill the girls mother.

He was able manipulate the system, and use the main girl to get a holiday to Amsterdam. How despicable.

He was endlessly trying to take advantage from everyone.

At the end, he died.

I think he deserved it. The film got a fitting ending. The girl was finally free.


El silencio (opinión)


Subestimamos el silencio; quizá sea un mecanismo de defensa ante un miedo instintivo. Quizá sólo sea que nos recuerda un factor opuesto y excluyente de nuestra naturaleza social: la soledad. Puede deberse a diversas razones que hasta cierto punto son inabarcables, pero el hecho permanece: el silencio no es apreciado lo suficiente.

Por lo contrario, estamos acostumbrados y dependemos de toda…

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Brad Renfro died days before Heath Ledger from an apparent heroin overdose.

It’s ironic that even in death his achievements would not even be seen “for the wrong reasons”.

He was a neighbor for a year or two prior to his heroin arrest. I occasionally spoke with him a little becuase we both had family in Knoxville, TN. He was a neighbor also at the time of his heroin arrest and he told me the day after the arrest was plastered all over the front page of the Los Angeles paper and he became the number one story on Google News that “You can do a lifetime of work and not get noticed but if you do something wrong you get all this coverage.” I remember he also told me he hoped it wouldn’t hurt his career becuase acting was what he knew and loved. He was serious about his work.

Ironically less than what - a year?- later he overdosed on heroine and was found dead and made the pages of papers all over the country with comparisons being made to James Dean …until Heath Ledger died days later and Brad’s story was completely lost to history. Could there be greater irony than even in death when Hollywood usually cements your place in history that Brad missed that recognition becuase of another’s subsequent death?

Weirdly it all just hit home again for me becuase just now I realize that I had a brief appearance in his last movie “The Informers” as a mourner after a boy in the movie dies too young apparently ( I don’t know the plot details becuase I worked the movie for one day and all I know was it was a memorial service reception scene with a distraught family who apparently lost a boy.)

The only people in my scene were Billy Bob Thornton and Kim Basinger so I didn’t even realize Brad was in it until looking at the IMDB credits just now.

Brad was good kid who seemed to have honest fun in a town with a surprising lack of normal activities and he never seemed to have malicious or mean intent. He was often riding ultramini motorcycles around the block or working and practicing with his Led Zeppelin cover band. He was excited that his band got a play date on Melrose in a Club called “The Spot” at one point and invited me to go but I was working on a tv show late I think.

He was always polite and considerate and respectful and a good neighbor and would be extremely apologetic if he made too much noise which is frankly unusual in Hollywood. He had also told me after recently coming back from Japan he was happy to learn he had a child and was happy with how the girl was handling it. He seemed pleased and happy about it all and thought it would be a good thing.

While to many he appeared reckless I guess becuase of his past reputation, I gave him a lot of credit for making his own way in Hollywood - especially after he told me how young he was - I was shocked to learn he was so young. To a neighbor he just seemed like a young guy having fun who would have a few beers with his friends - nothing unusual - nothing bad. He also had a local girlfriend who seemed with her family to be trying to help him stay on the right path and he spoke highly of her and she often visited.

The day after his arrest I spoke to him, and I believe it was then that he had once told me he was born addicted to heroin. While I don’t know the details of his situation with drugs other than his arrest (and nothing was evident from being his neighbor), he told me after his arrest he would probably be doing some time in prison and that he hoped he would be making a clean break from it. Someone else moved into his old apartment after that and I hadn’t thought about him for some time and began to be curious if he had been released from his sentence and what he was up to just about the time I read he had passed away. It was a shock.

I think he was a good soul. Ironically I hadn’t seen much of his film work except his first movie but began Tivoing his films after he moved out and I began to be on more and more sets myself. He was very gifted.

I really think if Heath Ledger had not died so quickly after Brad’s passing or if Brad had been in the movie Brokeback Mountain which got so much attention in Hollywood that year that we would be recognizing Brad’s talent in a much bigger way. I believe he had been up for the role of young Brad Pitt in the Assassination of Jesse James and had told me he might get it becuase he had once played Brad Pitt in someway in an earlier role. Sadly he didn’t get the part but he got several others.

From what I read in the paper he died in his sleep and no one in the new apartment with him the night he died even thought he had a problem becuase they could hear him sleeping soundly.

I just felt such a sadness. I really feel he was a young guy with a good heart who was struggling to make his way in a town with few guidelines or clear directions for living. It’s always a shock to learn someone you know was so close to an edge, or perhaps more accurately it is a shock to learn that the edge is so near for all of us but we don’t know it and it’s so easy to slip over it.

I am especially sad for the local girl who I know had tried to be a positive part of his life - I hope she knows she was a positive influence, and for his child in Japan who now won’t have a chance to know his father.

It is truly tragic, and I believe it was beyond Brad’s ability to control his situation with heroin. If only heroin gave you a warning before it killed you rather than easing you into a warm blanket of nothingness - he would probably still be here.

La sonrisa efímera (a propósito de Robin Williams)

La sonrisa efímera (a propósito de Robin Williams)


Jacques-Louis David: La muerte de Marat (1793)

Jamás consideré a Robin Williams como uno de mis actores preferidos, si tuviera que nombrarlos diría que son Geoffrey Rush, Morgan Freeman, Willem Dafoe y Jack Nicholson (sólo tengo tres actrices preferidas: Kate Winslet, Tilda Swinton y Cate Blanchett). Pero es innegable que hay cierta cantidad de personas a las que uno le guarda…

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Style remains a highly controversial issue in relation to Mann’s filmography, to such an extent that Mann himself appears distinctly uncomfortable, or even defensive, when discussing his films in relation to style. This is perfectly understandable, when one considers that a very lazy critical shorthand has developed around Mann in mainstream film criticism, which basically suggests that Mann made his name with a flashy and stylised television phenomenon in the eighties, and continues to pursue an aesthetic of style over substance in his movies. (As an aside, it is pretty dispiriting to observe the extent to which mainstream newspaper and magazine film journalism has become dependant on lazy critical short-hand and studio press releases. Following the critical fortunes of particular films on web-sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, you begin to suspect that modern films are marketed with a stock of phrases and ideas, which a lot a critics utilise more or less like stencils.)

The whole idea of style over substance is itself largely a false dichotomy, predicated on an negative connation of style as a matter of ostentation and ornamentation. Ostentation and excessive ornament are better understood as a type of style, rather than a definition of the word itself. A film-maker’s style is better appreciated in two senses, both as a characteristic methodology which is sustained, and evolved, throughout each of his/her films, and also as the manner in the film-maker utilises the full panoply of formal cinematic devices to express the film’s content. Mann is an eminently stylish film-maker, in that he conceives cinematic form and content in an almost indivisible, holistic fashion. His films blur both foreground and background, and technique and meaning. This is why they are particularly rewarding after multiple-viewing; after the story has been absorbed, you begin to appreciate how composition, architectural milieu, colour, and a variety of other formal/tonal components combine to achieve the overall effect.

MALÉFICA (Robert Stromberg, 2014) [opinión]


Quiero creer en este momento que la obra de Stromberg llamada «Maleficent» (Maléfica, 2014), es la planificada pero no anunciada mitad de una circunferencia perfecta. Una figura geo-cinematográfica cuya primera parte es «Enchanted» (Encantada, 2007). Ambas son radicalmente distintas en calidad y propósito; aunque sí comparten algo en común: parten del mismo principio de contradicción. Ambas son…

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Nymphomaniac Vol I & II (Lars Von Trier, 2013)


Aunque es mi deseo expreso realizar una crítica a la obra de Von Trier como un todo, consideré necesario realizar dos carteles para cada volumen. Este es el primero.


¿Poco masculino? No, definitiva y absolutamente femenino. No en el sentido usual que se le da el término, por supuesto. Pero, aún así, completamente razonable. Sería extraño que se diera una conversación entre…

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