Sharp eye

Belated as it is, I want to wish you a good & fruitful 2014, Sebastián! Too many things float around, little time for much else. Looking at the photos you took on a wedding day… now convinced,  it’s not only sharp, your eye, but sharply cinematic. Curiously enough, I went back home in December for a similar occasion (among others), it was my brother who was getting married. I’ll say more soon.


All About My Mother, this one you have to see! Not a fan of his later work, what followed La mala educación, too gaudy and the narratives often reach the implausible. Just a personal appreciation that might be biased or what not. Watched it for the first time when it was just released and then a few years after. And it lives to this day. Must mean something…

Indeed, the rehearsal. Guess it was taken a short while before shooting the scene. It’s from a facianating book ‘Pasolini e la music’ (and music that is; no idea one no one’s bothered to translate it), I found it in a second-hand book shop in Paris and now half way through it. Went there in the beginning of the month to visit my sister and see the big boy for the first time, my 6 months old nephew, and there I stayed with them for one week. On the way back spent a day in London (that was the so-called wild Wensday, the stormiest day in many years, my luck!), I found a shelter in a gallery and one of the rooms was dedicated to Warhol’s photography… very interesting, took a few snaps, I’ll need to retrieve them from this very stubborn SD card before being able to let you have a look. Did you finish with the diaries? Whenever you have the time, feel free to share passages that grabbed your attention the most. I’m curious.

Said more than enough in my last submit to you, at least this is what I felt. There are certain issues that should be addressed only quietly or not at all. Could sense that you were going through uneasy time - I hope it is now over. Preparing for the new life while attending the French classes? Bring the news.

Yours as before, S.

I’d watch it. They’re nearly identical, but not completely, and they’re interesting to compare. Some of my thoughts (I saw the US version first, for reference).

- ‘97 Paul is definitely superior. Although I thought Michael Pitt was pretty good, there was a slightly campy element to his Paul that’s completely absent from the original. Ice cold and far more menacing, all the more impressive since he isn’t very physically imposing. Pitt’s haircut ups the creepy factor a bit though.

- ‘07 Peter is better; the original guy is good but Brady Corbet is fantasically creepy. Also his “why don’t you have a landline” taunt isn’t in the original, that was one of my favorite pieces of writing in the film.

- The kid who plays Georgie is far better in the ‘07 version, his terror is palpable in a way it wasn’t in the original. The shot of him after the gun doesn’t fire in the ‘97 version is much shorter and doesn’t show him cry, it’s not very effective compared to ‘07.

- The ‘07 has a sharper look and the ‘97 a grainier one. This isn’t really for better or for worse, but it’s different.

- Hearing the dialogue in German is an interesting contrast. It’s more gutteral and ups the intensity a little, IMO.

- Lots of really minor differences that are just interesting to pick out if you’re a fan, e.g. the car door opened to find the dog is on the right in the ‘07 version, on the left in the ‘97 one; Anna’s delivery of the prayer is much different, etc…

UN POEMA AL ASESINO (léase con humor)


De los placeres de intenso pecar,
el más dulce es el matar.
Con un cuchillo extendido
y un cigarrillo encendido,
muere la víctima aturdida
y el cadáver permanece en su lugar.

Matar es un placer,
de perecer nadie se escapa,
mata el rey, mata el papa,
muere el buey, muere la vaca,
y hasta la señorita más guapa
prende su cigarrillo y ataca.

Viene el demente y lo muele,
viene el ladrón y lo asalta.

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«Cada célula de la piel es una sílaba del extenso diálogo que establecen los cuerpos en sus acoplamientos; y cada postura sobre ese campo de plumas en el que se debate el combate creador es un argumento que enriquece los contenidos que exploran entre sí los dos entes conversacionales.

»Coloquio de Eros: banquete y psique siempre en cada estallido de éxtasis logran expandir un mundo en donde el oxígeno es transparencia de las miradas y el aire condición del tacto. En el encuentro erótico cada uno es el inventor y escultor del otro cuando manos acarician, cuando brazos atan, cuando genitales se ligan en esa silenciosa comunión escandalosa…».

I take the pictures by myself, by leaving my camera on something with a timer on - usually when there’s not really anyone around - because taking the photos is more weird than being out in socks. I don’t go around everywhere in socks, just when I feel its fine , or get away with it somewhere that seems natural enough to do it…. ie… a hot day, somewhere outdoors, or as if I’ve just been out for exercise.

Often I find it’s not the place that’s the problem, it’s just how comfortable I feel doing it at the time. You just need to observe the locals to know what you can get away with and where. I don’t ever want to be offensive or be treated as weird for it, so I try to be respectful and polite always - because it’s only enjoyable that way. Sometimes it’s nice to take a risk and go somewhere with lots of people just to challenge myself though. :D

One day if I meet (in person) another person who likes doing the same it’d be easier to get some photos in more public places, which would be fun, but I usually like going alone as it’s sort of relaxing and like ‘meditation’ lol. And as far as introducing ‘my concept’ goes, well, I don’t. I just ‘do’. I guess if anyone said anything, I just acted as if it’s normal. If i’m fine with it, then it seems that everyone else is too! :D No one has treated me as weird, because I haven’t conveyed it as weird ;P

He deserved it *spoilers*

Hi all,

The main guy was one of the most unlikeable, menacing , sleazy, annoying characters I have seen recently.

Right from the start, he had a very creepy smile. He went to the cancer meetings to prey on vulnerable victims.
As soon as he mentioned his cigarette philosophy thing , we all knew he was going to be irritating. He thought he was smarter than everyone. Why not put a gun or grenade in your mouth, his philosophy would still have worked.
The way he taunted the air hostess with his cigarette was very distasteful, and how he strolled around thinking he was boss.

He forced the main girl to go up and down his stairs late at night, pick up his mess, take very long walks, even though he knew she was unwell. He didn’t even offer her a glass of water. He was smashing things late in the evening which would have caused a lot of noise for the neighbours and parents. Very unsocial behaviour.

He brain washed his ill friend to do evil deeds for him. For example, egging the car. Not only that, he threatened to kill the girls mother.

He was able manipulate the system, and use the main girl to get a holiday to Amsterdam. How despicable.

He was endlessly trying to take advantage from everyone.

At the end, he died.

I think he deserved it. The film got a fitting ending. The girl was finally free.


El silencio (opinión)


Subestimamos el silencio; quizá sea un mecanismo de defensa ante un miedo instintivo. Quizá sólo sea que nos recuerda un factor opuesto y excluyente de nuestra naturaleza social: la soledad. Puede deberse a diversas razones que hasta cierto punto son inabarcables, pero el hecho permanece: el silencio no es apreciado lo suficiente.

Por lo contrario, estamos acostumbrados y dependemos de toda…

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